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I empower people to DEFINE their life's purpose, DESIGN the exceptional lives on their terms with no regrets while creating legacy, and DELIVER that purpose to the world monetizing it.

By Incorporating Cutting Edge Methods From High Performance®️, Positive Intelligence®️ Mental Fitness, NLP and Time Line Therapy™️ as well as Strategic Interventions.

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Jola is a successful Transformation Coach CHPC, CPQC, NLP TLT, Access Bars®️ Facilitator and Practitioner, Access Facelift™️ Practitioner, International Bestselling Author, Mentor and Speaker.

With her proven 3D Method she helps her clients design and create the path to living the lives of purpose they yearn for. They're be able to:

DISCOVER and define their true life's purpose that will fulfill them most

DESIGN the exact steps and systematic plan to focus the purpose on a dream and the business

DELIVER it to the world monetizing online and offline

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start living the life you deserve

My NEW bestselling book "From IMPOSSIBLE To I'M POSSIBLE"

- Discover your life's purpose and monetize it.

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Access Consciousness ®️ Business

Access Bars®️

Access Bars is a gentle treatment using light touch on the head that anyone can use. It is practiced in more than 100 countries by over 500,000 people worldwide who have taken the Access Bars one-day class.

What people say Access Bars has created for them: A more peaceful mind | Increased relaxation | Improved outlook on life | Stress relief | A space to replenish your body | Increased energy and creativity

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Access Facelift™️

The Access Energetic Facelift is a wonderful way to rejuvenate the face and reverse the signs of aging on the face and throughout the entire body. 

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Jola Provides you with everything you need to be successful in life and business.

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"7 Things High Performers Know That No-one Else Does" is a  valuable FREE resource pointing out mission-critical and sometimes counterintuitive ways to high performance.

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Here are some of my clients success stories!

See what they are saying about their experience working with me

"I feel so blessed Jola came into my life"

"Making the transition out of the Corporate World in the UK, I felt I really needed some inspiration and focus in all areas of my life. I was amazed at how the sessions were so in depth and gave me so much clarity on areas I needed to adjust, to YES becoming a High Performer

I feel so blessed Jola came into my life at the crucial time I needed her support and expertise when going through a major life transition. Being coached by Jola has pushing me in the right direction and has become a key part of my weekly life

Sharan Sammi, UK

"Jola was exactly a coach that I needed"

"Thanks to Jola's coaching, experience and personable approach I've learned to organize my time, I've learn how to manage my energy and most importantly I've learned how to be even more influential, which is crucial in my career.

Jola helped me believe in myself and she helped me realize that I can achieve anything I want.

Jola, thank you for everything!

Jordana Kosciukiewicz, USA

"Jola's soulful energy is so contagious, and empowering"

"Jola has challenged me and brought so many new perspectives into light. She's helped me improve my relationship with my boyfriend, build my confidence, strengthen my character and make some bold moves in my business and otherwise. 

Thank you Jola for living your truth and showing your spiritual and universal side through your coaching

I can't recommend Jola Pypno-Crapanzano enough!"

Trisha Terns, USA.

"Wonderful experience"

"By following PQ exercises ie, meditation and mindfulness, I‘ve started to experience changes with my own actions and behaviors. I became more aware of different actions and learned how to control & manage them. 

To me mental fitness is equally an important exercise as physical fitness. Self-development is a life process and  “Changing your life is only 20% know-how, the other 80% is doing .

Thank you Jola or the wonderful experience!

Aga Szymanik,  USA

"Jola I can't tank you enough"

"I can't say enough good things about this program. I think this is knowledge,  that if everyone on this planet had it, the planet would be a very different place., 

I can't think of any single person who wouldn't benefit from this content, who wouldn't benefit from Jola as their guide, coach and mentor and the community. This program will help me for the rest of my life, and I just cant't thank you enough."

Gina Wasko, USA

"Jola came to me just un the right time"

"Jola you came to me in just the right time when I needed more focus. I was successful in the eyes of other people but I was feeling empty myself. The life was unfolding so well for me, but I was not feeling it, I was not feeling fulfilled. It felt like some ingredients were missing in my life.

You brought me back to the present moment and focused me on areas that relate directly to high performance and reconnect me again with my purpose"

I would recommend you 5 stars for transformation.

Anila Bashllari,  Albania

Three Time International Bestselling Author of: "From Impossible to I'm possible" "One" and "#stayhome" as well as "How to create raving fans who monetize"

Featured as an Executive Author to two Magazines "Brainz." and "Sibyl"

“I have known Jola for many years and last year she coached me through her wonderful High Performance Coaching program.

As someone who spent over 25 years in the international corporate world I realized that everything starts with understanding your own potential. Jola's coaching program focuses on helping you get clarity on the important psychological and physiological issues that people need to be performing at the highest level in life and in business. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jola."

Jimmi Bradbury

“Jola’s positive attitude, energy, and expertise made every session so informative and life changing! She is a great listener and was able to help me understand why I was acting and thinking certain way, and she gave me the right tools to help me become a better performer in life both personally and professionally.

I am so happy and grateful that I had Jola as my high-performance coachI feel that after my coaching journey with Jola, I have a strong foundation and knowledge and I am confident that because of Jola’s guidance, I will succeed in life and will never feel “stuck”. Thank you again!I am so happy and grateful that I had Jola as my high-performance coach.

Magdalena Galik
United States

Coaching Journey with Jola

will help you transform your life

Jola offers variety of services that will help you become successful in life and business.

Individual High Performance Coaching

High Performance Coaching one-on-one is a personal and intense process that consists of twelve 60-minutes long sessions conducted via Skype, Zoom, on the phone or in person in New York /New Jersey Metropolitan Area. It is an opportunity to receive the world class coaching based on the highest level coaching framework used to coach Fortune 50 CEOs, elite leaders around the globe, Olympians, famous artists as well as other celebrities.

Exotic Coaching Retreats

Travel coaching retreats are custom designed for individuals, couples or groups either domestically or anywhere in the world. They can be weekend long, week long or anything in between. They are extremely effective because being in completely new environment helps people open up to new thoughts and change. Retreats can help you rethink your life, plan your next chapter, change your personal and professional life.

Group High Performance Coaching

High Performance Group coaching consists of twelve 90-minutes sessions in a group setting done through online Zoom calls. This type of coaching is scientifically designed to give participants the confidence, focus and support they need, they will still do personal work but they will also have opportunities to share with the group, and that social learning component during group coaching sessions is extremely beneficial.

Keynote Speaking

I am available for keynote speaking engagements on topics of High Performance, Mental Fitness and Discovering Life's purpose and learning how to monetize it. I offer 45, 60 or 90 minutes presentations. Please contact me for availability and pricing. 

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“I have experienced 6 months coaching journey with Jola and it was AMAZING. We have worked on 6 high performance habits, one by one, step by step, from the surface into deeper layers. I better understood my real needs and goals to have more CLARITY, changed my daily routine and diet to get more ENERGY, discussed with myself why I'm getting up every day and discovered what drives my NECESSITY, found new ways how to improve PRODUCTIVITY, finally convinced myself that in fact I have a lot of COURAGE and am able to develop an INFLUENCE to move things forward. Thank you Jola to accompanying me in this journey and this is not yet the end ...”

Krystyna Grygier, Poland/Hungary

Krystyna Grygier


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