Jola Pypno-Crapanzano

Certified High Performance Coach™️ CHPC
Certified Positive Intelligence Coach CPQC
Certified NLP and Time Line Therapy®️ Practitioner
International Bestselling Author of two books: "One"- your wellness guide to body, mind and soul and "#Stayhome" - When you can't go outside, what happens inside?




Embark on the Journey of High-Performance Coaching and I help you level up your life personally and professionally so that you can be happier and live to the fullest every single day with an ongoing feeling of maximum engagement, joy, and confidence that anything is possible  

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Individual High Performance Coaching

High Performance Coaching one-on-one is a personal and intense  process that consists of twelve 60-minutes long sessions conducted via Skype, Zoom, on the phone or in person in New York /New Jersey Metropolitan Area. It is an opportunity to receive the world class coaching based on the highest level coaching framework used to coach Fortune 50 CEOs, elite leaders around the globe, Olympians, famous artists as well as other celebrities.


Coaching Retreats - for individuals and groups

Travel coaching retreats are custom designed for individuals, couples or groups either domestically or anywhere in the world. They can be weekend long, week long or anything in between. They are extremely effective because being in completely new environment helps people open up to new thoughts and change. Retreats can help you rethink your life, plan your next chapter, change your personal and professional life.


Group High Performance Coaching

High Performance Group coaching consists of twelve 90-minutes sessions in a group setting  done through an online platform either via Skype or Zoom calls. This type of coaching is scientifically designed to give participants the confidence, focus and support they need, they will still do personal work but they will also have opportunities to share with the group, and that social learning component during group coaching sessions is extremely beneficial.


7 Things High Performers know, that no-one else does -


After interviewing 50 incredibly successful experts and high achievers in different areas of life from all around the globe I created this Free Report that summarizes their top secrets, the very things they know and that no-one else does. If you'd like a copy , enter your information below


"One" is unique collaboration between international experts from different fields, all focusing on bringing balance between mind and body. Each of them gifting you the knowledge and know-how in their field in the hope of helping others on their journey. A winning combo of brilliant minds gathered for ONE mission - to make the world a healthier, happier and therefore a better place to live for us, and above all to our children .

ONE body , ONE mind , ONE soul aligned together as ONE.



#Stayhome is an eclectic collection of lockdown stories written by different coaches. Each one shares their experience of being home, the difficulties, the losses and the wins. There is no one way to get through confinement, we all struggle but there are ways to make it easier and more manageable. The book is unique in every way, written by people from all corners of the world all forced to stay home at the same time. An easy read and go to book when you are struggling and feel alone, #Stayhome is a must add to your collection of self-development books.


FREE e-book : How to 10X increase your energy and vitality

In this  E-book you'll find the collection of my best tips and scientifically proven strategies how to 10X increase your energy and vitality in everyday life.

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COACHING JOURNEY WITH JOLA will help you change and transform your life.

"Only two things change your life: either something new comes into your life, or something new comes from within" - Brendon Burchard

"Coaching is about an action plan that moves you forward, from where you are to where you want to be" - James Himm Mitchell

"Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them" - Timothy Gallwey

"Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their growth" -John Whitemore

"A great coach tells you what you need to hear ,not what you want to hear" - Sagi Kalev

"The Journey of a thousand miles begins with one step' - Lao Tzu


"Jola is a great listener and asked all the right questions at the right time. She allowed me to learn some things about myself and offered up workable solutions and suggestions to help me meet my goals and see new possibilities for myself. I would very much recommend her as a coach if you're committed to moving forward with your life and the things that matter."

Jeremy Rogers

"Jola has been a great coach for me. She gets you past the obvious obstacles and to the heart of the issue. Best of all, she challenges you to dig deeper while still being so encouraging. I look forward to meeting with Jola each week and do my best to never miss a call!"

Kai Alday
Owner of The Business Confidante

"Jola has the unique gift of zeroing in on what is keeping you from moving forward, while at the same time celebrating your wins a way that makes you look forward to turning each challenge into win. I always leave our coaching sessions in an upbeat and confident state of mind, ready to step up a higher level of performance"

Gwyn Morasko
Owner of Morasko Mindset Mentoring

"Jola truly motivated me to take some action. Thanks for all the recommendations and watching over me for the hardest first few weeks! Highly recommended to anyone who needs that extra motivation and just doesn’t know how to start."

Justyna Chelstowski
Business Development Manager at Iberostar Group

"I have just experienced 6 months coaching journey with Jola and you know it was AMAZING. My Sunday evenings were exciting and many sooo good things happened around me in the meantime. We have worked on 6 high performance habits, one by one, step by step, from the surface into deeper layers. I better understood my real needs and goals to have more CLARITY, changed my daily routine and diet to get more ENERGY, discussed with myself why I'm getting up every day and discovered what drives my NECCESSITY, found new ways how to improve PRODUCTIVITY, finally convinced myself that in fact I have a lot of COURAGE and am able to develop an INFLUENCE to move things forward. Thank you Jola to accompanying me in this journey and this is not yet the end ... I trully recommend Jola to everybody who wants to become the better version of oneself and enjoy life even more."

Krystyna Grygier
Interim General Manager European Local Representations at Bristol-Myers Squibb

"What an interesting experience it is working with Jola. Her coaching sessions catalyzed a transformation in me. She did not let me get away with my typical bullshit and called me out in a snappy but loving way. Her coaching made me change! I developed a courage to push myself further than I ever had by really taking ownership of my role as a leader and this improved the communication network and morale at work. So greatful for her to push me to stretch and reach for excellence. Thanks Jola!"

Diane Ki
Small Business Owner

"All I can say is wow! After working with Jola, I’ve realized how much work I actually need to put into myself and my future. She helped me narrow down my shortcomings and helped me reevaluate my goals in life. Her customized coaching sessions were very interactive including exercises for the mind. She asks very specific questions to target exactly where the work needs to be done, while giving credit where it’s due with what you have accomplished as well. Her sessions showed me I was just coasting through life, settling for less than I deserve and showed me that I can be accomplishing so much more. No matter where you are in life, there is always room for improvement. Whether your dealing with some unexpected changes, or just need that extra push to ensure your getting the most out of life, Jola comes highly recommend! Thank you for all your advice and that extra push!"

Samea Shehata
Small Business builder

"Thank you so much for coaching. It helped me a lot to realize what I need to do. After talking to you I made some decisions about my future. I was very undecided. You did not push me. You just showed me that I do not have to wait to make changes in my live. Right now is the best time to start realizing my plans. You gave me strength to start and now I know I can make my dreams come true. Thank you Jola."

Marta Slota
Job Title

"I am extremely blessed to have come across someone like Jola.  She has been an invaluable resource for me as a young entrepreneur looking to make major moves in life and in business.   What makes Jola’s coaching experience so special is that she makes it a priority to get to know the REAL YOU first.  All advice that was given to me was tailored to my goals.  After my first session with Jola I felt empowered, confident and courageous!  I recommend Jola to anyone who’s looking to elevate their personal life journey.  Thank you for everything you’ve done for me!!"

Amy Doot
General Manager at Buscemi

"High performance coaching by Jola made me realize where I need to put more effort and mindset in to build my business.  Jola is very enthusiastic and energetic which is highly motivating.  She has many tools in her toolbox to help clients think and feel outside of the box and really believe in themselves. I am confident that Jola can help you and your business become more courageous and effective."

Magdalena Ellis
U.S Securities and Exchange Commission

"I can't recommend Jola Pypno-Crapanzano enough! Her soulful energy is so contagious, and empowering. Her voice is direct and to the point. She cares about her clients deeply and it shows because I can FEEL it! I met Jola through our Certified High Performance Coaching community as I am also a certified coach. Because we practice what we preach, Jola and I have been coaching one another to master our craft, offer support and to stay connected to our amazing CHPC community. Even as a coach myself, she has challenged me and brought so many new perspectives into light. She's helped me improve my relationship with my boyfriend, build my confidence, strengthen my character and make some bold moves in my business and otherwise. Thank you Jola for living your truth and showing your spiritual and universal side through your coaching. If you are reading this and have not yet embarked on your own growth journey, please contact her. You will not be di"

Trisha Terns
Certified High Performance Coach

"I am so happy and grateful that I had Jola as my high-performance coach. We started working together when I couldn’t clearly define my goals and priorities and felt stuck in one place. This was my first experience with personal coaching and I didn’t know what to expect, but after our first session, I knew that Jola was the right person to understand my concerns and someone I can trust and open up about my personal matters. Jola’s positive attitude, energy, and expertise made every session so informative and life changing! She is a great listener and was able to help me understand why I was acting and thinking certain way, and she gave me the right tools to help me become a better performer in life both personally and professionally. Jola is such a sweet and knowledgeable person and it was so easy to open up to her. I feel that after my coaching journey with Jola, I have a strong foundation and knowledge and I am confident that because of Jola’s guidance, I will succeed in life and will never feel “stuck”. Thank you again!"

Magdalena Galik
MBA, Senior Associate Accountant at New York Life Insurance Company

"I would like to give thanks and appreciation to Jola. I started working with Jola as part of a 3 month coaching package and I have to say I have been blown away with the sheer content, indepth life analysis and focus the sessions have given me. Making the transition out of the Corporate World in the UK, I felt I really needed some inspiration and focus in all areas of my life. I was amazed at how the sessions were so indepth and gave me so much clarity on areas I needed to adjust, to YES becoming a High Performer. Jola's coaching style is very authentic as she shows so much passion, integrity and enthusiasm in the work she does. From when I first started to now, I have seen amazing results. Each week, we focus on individual areas of life which have really helped me to integrate some key changes to see massive results. I feel so blessed Jola came into my life at the cruitial time I needed her support and expertise. When going through a major life transition, dedication and that commitment to your own personal development journey is cruitial to staying ahead of the game. Being coached by Jola has pushing me in the right direction and has become a key part of my weekly life. Jola has been 100% supportive throughout our sessions together, so much so I have decided to continue to work with her. I feel I can enhance and improve all areas of my life further by continuing my High Performance coaching journey. I would totally recommend coaching with Jola. "

Sharan Sammi
Structuring and Derivative Sales - Lloyds Banking Group, UK

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